Use of Aromatic Oils for Our Pets

Aromatic oils are increasingly used in pets, mainly in dogs, and its benefits are many and very diverse. Aromatherapy recipes contribute to your well-being, mainly in cases of allergies, stress, anxiety, muscle aches, digestive problems, wounds, among others.

It is also a simple, natural and very safe way to help our colleagues to relieve their discomfort so that they are happier. However, it is important to choose good quality oils and know how to mix them to get good results.

The aromatic oils that your pet can not miss

Aromatic oils must always be 100% natural, as it is a fundamental point to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Although a wide variety of oils can be found in the market, there are five that are basic for use in pets.

The first is aquilegia oil, scientific name Achillea millefolium. This oil is very effective in combating allergies and itchy dogs. It is also very useful for healing wounds and stops bleeding, as well as in case of infections or inflammations.

The second basic oil is that of Siempre viva (Helichrysum italicum). It is used to calm the irritation, both physically and emotionally; It serves to calm anger or resentment, as well as to relieve swelling. It is also effective as an antiseptic, antiviral and to improve the digestive system.

The third is the popular lavender oil, whose scientific name is Lavandula angustifolia. This oil is widely used as a soothing, not only in dogs but also in humans. In addition to being relaxing, it serves for burns, bruises, wounds, and scars; It is also a very effective antihistamine.

Lemon oil (Citrus lemon) is the fourth in the list of aromatic oils that can not be missing in the care of your pet. It is stimulating, antiviral, antiseptic and antifungal.

Finally, the fifth indispensable oil is the Atlas cedar oil (Cedrus atlantica). This product has powerful repellent properties, so it is very useful to scare away parasites.

The latter aromatic oil is also useful for respiratory problems, as it acts as an expectorant. In addition, it stimulates circulation and helps fight the discomfort caused by arthritis.

Cure our pets’ allergies with aromatic oils

It is very common for dogs to suffer from some type of allergy and aromatic oils can be the best allies when it comes to fighting it. They have extraordinary qualities that make them very powerful.

In addition, these oils are a natural and safe way to help your pet relieve the annoying symptoms of allergies. They can be used topically or orally, the latter always under medical supervision.

The aforementioned lavender oil is also widely used in the case of allergies, and this oil is used for almost everything since it is undoubtedly the king of aromatic oils. It can be used topically or olfactively.

Roman chamomile oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it is antibacterial and antiparasitic; This oil can be used topically or orally.

The aromatic oil of elemi and myrrh have antiseptic properties and help fight infections. The first is also used as a sedative; It can be administered topically, orally and olfactively. Myrrh oil also has astringent properties; Its use is only topically.

Finally, peppermint essential oil can also be very beneficial in relieving your pet’s allergies. It has analgesic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Peppermint oil can be applied topically, provided its powerful cold effect is taken into account. It is also administered orally, under veterinary supervision.

Some precautions

Dogs have a much more developed sense of smell than humans. That is why when using aromatic oils in them you have to take certain additional precautions regarding the amount of product used. In addition, it is important to have certain precautions, such as never injecting aromatic oils and always use high quality and certified products.

Do not apply these oils on mucous membranes and eyes or use them pure in the ears or in the anogenital area. It is also necessary to prevent the dog from licking the area where the oil has been applied.

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