The Air Conditioning and Your Pet

With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, the use of air conditioning to cool down and also our pets is extended. In these very hot cases, the air seems to be the best and most effective solution. However, it should be known that air conditioning does not affect people in the same way as pets.

The air conditioning and your pet

The reality of the use of air conditioning in the home is that it is not so healthy and beneficial for pets. The sudden change in temperature and cold, in general, is not positive for the health of dogs, so its use should be done in moderation.

Consequences of using air conditioning for pets

Sudden changes in temperature can influence our pets in different ways. The first thing to know is that the dogs’ snout is usually wet, guaranteeing good health.

Air conditioning causes dryness of the respiratory system in pets and additional stress. In that attempt to acclimatize the animal, behavior alterations could occur, in addition to other physical consequences. When putting on the air conditioning, it is important to assess factors such as the age and health status of our friend; It’s about avoiding unnecessary risks.

In the case of elderly pets, in which the ability to control the internal temperature is gone, it is important to know that their joints are more stunted. Sudden changes in temperature can affect them very negatively.

As for puppies, the immune system is not fully developed, so it is recommended to avoid risks. The use of air conditioning could cause pneumonia, colds, etc. To avoid this, it is recommended to replace the air with the fans and prevent them from being located under the direct airflow.

Use of air conditioning with pets

A good way to stay cool at home, if you use air conditioning you will, it is to keep between 24°and 26°C. With this temperature, the process of adaptation of the human body and the organism of pets is much easier to do.

Other ways to keep your pet cool

Air conditioning is not the only way to refresh our pets. There are many more ways to make heat and high temperatures much more bearable. It is always about ensuring your well-being since heats are not good for your body either.

  • A very simple way to keep our best friend fresh is to always make drinking fountains with cold and clean water available in different parts of the home. This will help keep it hydrated and relieve heat; It is very important to renew the drinkers frequently so that the water has the right temperature.
  • Another important tip is to take into account when going for a walk, the hours of full sun. Avoiding the most influential hours of the sun’s rays is also essential to avoid heatstroke; It is best to go for a walk early in the morning or late in the afternoon, especially in summer.
  • If you want to cool your pet at home, a good way to do it is to wet it with the hose. That will give you a sense of relief that will keep you cool for a long time. Also taking them to rivers or beaches is fun, as long as they are enabled for dogs.
  • As for the fur of the animal, it is not necessary to cut the hair too short, since this works as an insulator of heat.
  • It is very important not to leave our dog locked in the car, without air, since it can suffer a heat stroke.
  • Finally, an easy solution to carry out is to modify your pet’s diet. You have to replace certain foods with some more fresh and less caloric.

In conclusion, air conditioning is not the most advisable for your pet in hot weather. However, it will not be a problem if its use is moderate and at the right temperature. Taking into account all the aforementioned aspects is an excellent way to make summer more bearable for your pet.

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