How to Know If a Cat Is Left or Right Handed

As with people, some mammals may have a greater ability with one leg than the other. Would you like to know if your cat is left or right-handed? In this article, we tell you. It is very interesting!

Right-handed animals, left-handed animals

Humans have a clear preference since we started using our hands to take objects, write or brush our teeth. It is known that 9 out of 10 people are right-handed, but now the investigations have gone a little further since it is tried to know if the animals are right-handed or left-handed.

Studies began in the 70s and so far the habits of several mammals have been analyzed, such as whales, kangaroos, and primates. Of course, pets were not left out of the eyes of scientists, who are still studying manual predominance or the preference of one leg over the other in everyday activities. The objective is to determine if these choices are related to a brain factor or if they are due to something else.

In the case of felines, the study included more than 40 cats for three months. The job was to record with which leg they took the first step as they climbed the stairs, entered their sandbox, tried to grab an object or touch a toy. They also analyzed whether they rested on one side more than another.

The spontaneous behavior of the cats showed that three-quarters of those analyzed showed a preference for the same leg. Females were more likely to be right-handed and males to be left-handed. It was concluded that 50% of cats are right-handed, 40% are left-handed and 10% are ambidextrous.

Therefore, the population of left-handed cats is greater than that of humans who use the left hand in their daily lives. And another interesting fact: in the case of dogs, half are right-handed and half left-handed … There are no ambidextrous!

Is your cat left or right-handed?

If you have a cat at home you will probably want to know if it is right or left-handed, out of curiosity. There are different ‘tests’ that we can do with the felines to determine which is their dominant leg and which they prefer for their daily activities.

For the first experiment to know if your cat is left-handed or right-handed, you need a transparent glass jar with a mouth wide enough so that your pet can poke its paw. In addition, you need a treat or something that catches a lot of cat’s attention.

Put the object inside the jar and let the cat take it on its own. It is estimated that, in most cases, the animal will use its dominant leg. You can repeat the process every day for a week and see if there is a coincidence, that is if you always use the same hand.

For the second ‘game’ the challenge is a bit greater since the idea is for the animal to take a piece of food or a small toy from a narrow container, in which it cannot put its mouth. The rest is the same as in the previous one. Put it in front of the container and wait to see what it does. If you wish, you can repeat the experiment several days in a row and analyze the results.

Of course, you can also follow him everywhere and write down in a notebook when he uses his right leg and when he leaves his left. After at least one month of ‘research’, you will get the result.

Keep in mind that the animal will use its dominant leg in important situations, such as feeding or defending itself. When he plays, he has the possibility of choosing either hand. Knowing if your cat is left-handed or right-handed will not change his day-to-day life or you will want him more or less, but it is an interesting fact to add to everything you already know about him.

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