How to Get Along With a Cat

Felines are more than special beings, and for some people achieving ‘chemistry’ with them can be an impossible mission. Therefore, in this article, we will give you some tips to get along with a cat. Do not miss it!

Tips to get along with a cat

Perhaps you have adopted a domestic cat or have you had one at home for a long time; Maybe you visit the house of a family member or friend who has a cat and would like to get along better with him. In any case, it is always good to know what the animal’s character is like and what he likes – and what not – so that his relationship is wonderful. Here are some tips:

1. Offer toys

One of the most frequent mistakes we make with cats is to try to play with our hands and feet. But they consider them a danger and will want to bite them, scratch them, hold them, etc.

To get along with a cat, a technique that does not fail is to offer toys. You don’t have to spend a fortune at a pet store since you can use whatever you have available. For example, a ball made of newspaper, a piece of string, etc. Throw it in such a way that you should go find it sun, don’t forget that felines are born hunters.

In this way, the animal will feel more confident and comfortable with you, and you can become friends in a short time.

2. No shouting

It is true that cats – like dogs – must be educated to behave well, although felines can be more ‘delicate’ in terms of shouting or punishment.

The best way to get along with him is to use what is known as positive reinforcement: reward him every time he does things right. How? Through a pampering, a kind word, a toy or a good treat.

3. Don’t corner him

The nature of the cat is usually quite elusive and independent. For this reason, do not make the mistake of placing him in a situation that he will be stressful or threatening.

Do not chase him throughout the house, do not corner him or force him to hide under the bed or table. This will make him afraid of you, that he doesn’t trust you and that you can’t get along great.

4. Approach when you have permission

Unlike dogs, cats can be quite ‘jealous’ of their own body and space. Therefore, as a first step do not touch them when they are sleeping. Neither grab them or pull their tails. And for nothing in the world caress them in the belly if you don’t have their permission.

The approaches must be delicate and calm. No sudden movements that alter them. Try first to touch them on the forehead and, if you allow it, go down to the chin and neck or the high back.

5. The cat is not a baby

Another reason why someone can not get along with a cat is that he thinks he can get up and cradle as if it were a baby. Nothing further from reality!

Cats don’t like to be lifted from the ground, no matter what they are doing. Much less do they like to put them on their backs and wrap them with their arms. You will experience a feeling of oppression that can become aggressive.

In any case, allow the cat to jump into your skirt when you are in bed or on the couch and accommodate as you see fit. When he feels at ease you will realize why he will start purring and will ‘knead’ you with the front legs.

To get along with a cat we must accept his personality and his privacy. With this premise, you can become his friend and enjoy his company.

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