How to Cool Your Cat in Summer?

With the arrival of high temperatures, it is very important to take proper precautions for the hydration and well-being of our cats. Unless your pussy is a Turkish Van or another particular breed that loves water, water activities will not be a viable option. Therefore, today we show you some very nice ways to hydrate and refresh your cat in summer.

Water: the key element for the good health of your cat in summer

Water is not important just to refresh your cat, but also to maintain its good health. On warmer days, cats can lose a good amount of fluids and electrolytes. With the high temperatures, the animal needs to replenish these elements through the consumption of water or other healthy drinks to recover the balance of its organism.

If a cat does not drink enough fluids in the heat, this usually causes damage to his metabolism and can lead to dehydration. Usually, these pictures are accompanied by a drop in blood pressure, which can lead to lethargy, dizziness and even fainting.

On the other hand, poor water intake impairs the renal functions of cats, which increases the risk of insufficiency. For all this, water is the key element for your cat to be well in summer.

In any case, it is common to find worried tutors because their minions do not drink much water. Many cats do not show great interest in drinking pure water, especially if they experience a sedentary routine.

6 tips to cool your cat in summer

Cool environment, with shade and good ventilation

Cats love the heat and can spend long hours sleeping in the sun. However, excessive exposure to heat and sunlight is very harmful to your health. In addition to being able to cause burns on your skin, there is also the risk of heat stroke and dehydration. And chronic exposure can favor the development of severe diseases, such as skin cancer.

Therefore, your pussy must be in a cool environment, that has shadows and is well ventilated daily. And if your cat usually does external walks, either in the garden or on the street, remember to ask your veterinarian about the use of sunscreen for cats.

Wet wipes

Veterinary wet wipes are a simple and practical option to sanitize and refresh your cat without the need to get it. When passing the wipe, remember to focus on the areas that most quickly allow you to lower your body temperature, such as the legs, the armpits, under your chin and on your belly.

Refreshing blankets

While refreshing blankets are more designed for dogs, our cats can also enjoy their refreshing action in summer. A more homemade solution would be to moisten a cloth or a clean towel in cold water, squeeze it and then leave it on the floor so that your pussy enjoys its freshness.

Poles for cats

The poles are among the best summer recipes for your cat because they allow you to incorporate healthy foods into your diet, in a very refreshing way. To prepare poles in a homemade way, we can choose fruits and vegetables good for cats and process them with water, vegetable milk or plain yogurt without sugars (or reduced in lactose). Then, we take the preparation to the freezer and hope it has consistency.

Another option is to prepare tasty salty and healthy popsicles for our pussies. A good idea is to make a chicken, carrot and coconut oil protein pole, for example. For the recipe for this salty pole, just boil the chicken with the carrots, then process them with a little of the cooking broth itself. Finally, we add a teaspoon of coconut oil and take the pole to the freezer.

‘Cat’ smoothies

Smoothies are smoothies or smoothies prepared from natural fruits and vegetables or their frozen pulps. And the good news is that our cats can also enjoy these delicacies to cool and hydrate in summer.

Its manufacturing process is very similar to that of the poles, but they do not require going to the freezer. It is necessary to process some fruit or vegetable recommended for cats with water, vegetable milk, kefir or low-sugar yogurt. Then we leave our feline at his drinking fountain.

Refreshing ice cubes

This is a very practical solution to cool your cat on warmer days. A simple ice cube is very effective to arouse curiosity and hydrate your cat in summer. We can also make flavored cubes, either with pieces of fruit, fish, chicken or a treat of your liking.

After these tips, it will be much easier to refresh your cat and keep it well hydrated in summer. However, when observing any change in your behavior or appearance, remember to consult your trusted veterinarian.

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