Having a Pet Will Make a Person Happier

When you are the owner of a pet, the time will come when you will notice the happiness that a pet brings to the home and to all the people with whom it has contact.

It is scientifically proven that a pet can make its owner happier. It’s about forgetting the endless problems that people face in their day-to-day lives, such as stress and depression.

In what aspects can pets help us?

Some psychologists at the University of Miami have discovered that pet owners have a better quality of life. In addition, they are more sociable people, because they are accustomed to continuously interact with another living being, and this makes them more empathetic and friendly.

The same study has revealed that people who have pets develop better self-esteem and tend to be more reliable when it comes to building a relationship.

Pets and children

Thanks to this contribution of the possession of an animal, the inclusion of pets in the lives of children is also highly recommended. According to studies, children who own dogs and cats are more sociable than those without pets.

Remember that leaving the care of animals in charge of children, such as cleaning and feeding pets, helps develop a sense of responsibility in them.

It is also estimated that 63% of pet owners consider the animals that live with them, family members. This strengthens the bond that exists between the people who take care of the pet.

Pets and mental health

It is a fact that petting a dog can increase levels of neurotransmitters. Also in hormones such as endorphin, dopamine, oxytocin and prolactin, active ingredients that make the person feel happy.

It has also been shown that thinking about pets and other animals that keep us company in everyday life moves away from the sadness that is generated after rejection or social isolation.

In practice, animals and pets can be used as therapy by people in depression, autistic or down syndrome. Dogs with older people are also used for therapeutic purposes, and thus offer company to these people, in what is known as zoo therapy.

Pets are also useful in someone’s recovery after a bad experience; It has been proven that people living with animals recover more quickly from a bad experience than when they are with a friend or their partners.

These are the main reasons why a pet makes us feel better:

  • Animals attract our attention, which distracts us and helps us relax.
  • A pet offers social support, which regulates our state of stress.
  • They offer physical contact with another living being, which is good for the body and mind.

A pet can help even a university student or people who work from home, as it helps them feel accompanied and less depressed.

Pets and physical well-being

Having a pet can help fight a sedentary lifestyle; Dog owners are 54% more likely to do the recommended daily amount of exercise for one person. Children also benefit from physical activity when they have a dog.

Adopting a dog or cat can reduce blood pressure levels in people suffering from stress attacks, even better than medication. In the United States, this has been proven in a study conducted on hypertensive stockbrokers living in New York City.

Another study by Swiss researchers resulted in that interacting with a dog can reduce heart rate and the stress hormone cortisol.

For all these reasons, having a pet in your home will make our lives much more enjoyable. A pet helps you stay healthy physically and mentally; On the other hand, and although they represent a great responsibility, they will be grateful continuously and will show us all their love.

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