Does Your Cat Bleed From the Nose? Look What to Do

If we see our cat bleed through the nose it is normal for us to worry because they cannot talk to us to tell us what has happened, and it turns out that nosebleeds can be the result of something more serious. To know what to do if your cat bleeds from the nose, keep in mind these indications that we give you below.

Why your cat bleeds from the nose

The causes for which your cat bleeds through the nose can be many and varied. We tell you the most common.

  • Nasal trauma This would be the least serious cause, and would normally suffer from a blow or fall, or perhaps from an outrage. It is the first thing that a veterinarian will discard to know if something more serious is hidden behind.
  • Something in his nose. It is possible that something has been introduced into your nose and this presses on the nasal walls and causes bleeding.
  • A tumor. Although they are not very common, one of them could appear in the nose and cause it to bleed.
  • Teeth problems The mouth is connected to the nose and ears, so a problem in one of these areas can cause discomfort in the other. If there is any infection or problems with your cat’s teeth it could manifest itself with nosebleeds.
  • Hypertension. High blood pressure is another reason why your cat bleeds from the nose.
  • Ingestion of poison If your cat is one of those who like to take walks it is likely that he has fallen into taking poison without realizing it. There are many homeowners, possibly close to yours, who put poisons for rats or other pests and who have easy access for cats that, like yours, take their walks in the neighborhood.
  • Infection. The nasal infections are common in cats, as their curiosity leads them to sniff everything.
  • Parasites. The parasites are always looking dark and humid places in which to hide, and the nose is one of them, which can cause nosebleeds.

As you can see, each case is different and some are more serious than others, so it is vital for your pet to analyze what they are and act accordingly.

What to do if your cat bleeds from the nose

It is best to take your cat to the vet. It is possible that at some point your cat has a nosebleed and with a gauze, you can stop it shortly. Even in this case, it is best to call the veterinarian and tell him what happened. He could have suffered a severe blow that, even if the bleeding is cut, has some major damage.

The veterinarian will be able to determine why your cat bleeds from the nose and apply the necessary treatment for it. Before going to him, with sterile gauze, you could press the area for about five minutes to see if it works. If not, do not hesitate to go quickly to the consultation.

This situation can be aggravated further if it is also accompanied by sneezing, fever, lethargy, lack of appetite or some other uncommon symptom. It is best to prevent your cat from leaving while following medical treatment because the most common is that it is the ‘walking’ cats that usually suffer this type of bleeding given everything that can be found along the way.

It does not matter that the pressure has stopped bleeding, or that you think it is something unimportant, as we said before, and it is that nosebleeds can be a sign of something more serious and profound, so the visit to the veterinarian is obligatory. Your pet’s life depends on it.

You already know that having a pet is a responsibility. If you think that the place where you live can contain some dangers that we mentioned before, it is best to avoid your cat going for walks. Remember that your physical integrity depends on your care.

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